Future International Students



Global Studies at Trent University

We are all becoming increasingly aware of how integrated our world is. Economics, politics, culture as well as social and environmental issues are taking on greater international and global dimensions today. “Thinking globally” has become a requirement of living in this era of globalization. Trent’s International Studies degree options are designed for students who want to meet this challenge.
Trent is one of the few universities in Canada to offer undergraduate degree options in Global Studies. The degree options are innovative and interdisciplinary ones designed to meet the needs of students whose international interests cannot be accommodated within a major in a particular department or program. Courses in global and international studies are offered by many departments and programs at Trent including Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Economics, English Literature, Environmental and Resource Studies/Science, Geography, History, International Development Studies, Modern Languages and Literatures, Native Studies, Philosophy, Political Studies, Sociology, and Women’s Studies. While students interested in global and international studies are encouraged to pursue majors or joint majors in these fields, they can also choose an Emphasis in Global Studies.


Emphasis in Global Studies

The Emphasis in Global Studies is available to students in any Honours or General program who fulfil the following requirements: a year of study abroad and successful completion of six courses in international and global studies from a list approved by the Global Studies Advisory Committee.