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  1. Institutional liaison with external research agencies, public and private sector partners, provincial and federal granting agencies

  2. Grant Administration, including preparation, review internal adjudication (if applicable), institutional authorization, support and signatures, establishing research accounts, invoicing, financial reporting and audit, disbursement of funds to collaborators, press releases and communication notices

  3. Information for granting and funding opportunities, including distribution of calls for proposals and negotiation of contracts and award agreements

  4. Links to other departments and external agencies to negotiate support of researchers and research programs

  5. Represent the research community at provincial and national levels to advocate for support of research;

  6. Oversee Tri-Council Policies;

  7. Protect intellectual property of researchers and institution

  8. Facilitate technology transfer of intellectual property to private and public sectors

Institutional Signature

The Office of Research and Innovation is responsible for securing institutional signatures on all grant applications, contracts, research agreements, etc.

The individual authorized by Trent University to sign on behalf of the institution is Dr. Neil Emery, Vice President, Research and Innovation.

For additional information, please contact research@trentu.ca