Research of Global Significance

Day or night, on campus and around the globe, researchers at Trent University are involved in studies of global significance. They emphasize interdisciplinary approaches drawing from the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Research excellence at Trent helps to solve complex problems and enables the student in all of us to better understand the world.

The Office of Research and Innovation supports the university community in its mission to "advance learning through the creative interaction of teaching and research of the highest quality." Responsible for achievement of Trent's research goals and objectives, the Office of Research and Innovation works in cooperation with other departments to implement the University's strategic research plan.

In particular, the Office of Research and Innovation works with local, regional, national and international members of the research community to promote and steward:

  • excellence in research (peer-reviewed, high caliber, with national and international recognition)
  • a diversity of research (across a full range of scholarly disciplines at Trent, and of either a basic or applied nature)
  • an emphasis on interdisciplinary research (with cooperation between a number of departments/programs/disciplines/centres/institutions)
  • responsible for provision of resources to researchers (infrastructure, staff, space etc.)
  • the involvement of students in research, and training of highly qualified personnel
  • open accountable research practices (honest, ethical and open to public scrutiny)