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Trent-Queen's Programs

Through an agreement with Queen's University in Kingston, Trent faculty may undertake the supervision and instruction, at Trent, of students enrolled for Master's or Doctoral degrees at Queen's. Participating professors are members of Trent's graduate faculty and adjunct faculty at Queen's.

Trent Departments currently participating in the Trent/Queen's program.


Department Participating Queen's Program
Ancient History & Classics Classics
Chemistry Chemistry
Computer Science Computing
Geography Geography
Physics & Astronomy Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy
Psychology Psychology


Students are encouraged to approach and identify prospective supervisors in the appropriate Departments and Programs at Trent, before making an application.

Students wishing to apply to study through the Trent/Queen’s Cooperative Agreement in any of the above disciplines must apply using a 2 stage process:

Stage 1: 

Applicants for the Trent/Queen’s Graduate Program must first apply to Trent University for consideration using the Trent Application for Admission to Graduate Studies

A completed Trent application includes:

Application packages must be initially forwarded to The School of Graduate Studies at Trent University by the subject deadline.

Applicants to the Trent/Queens Program are not required to pay the $100 application fee to Trent.

The application and all documents should be mailed to:

School of Graduate Studies

1600 West Bank Drive

Science Complex Room 201

Peterborough, ON   K9L 0G2     

P:  (705) 748-1011 x 7245

F: (705) 748-1154

Stage 2:  

If you are recommended by Trent, you will be contacted and directed to complete the Queen's University application form, which is now available online and can be found at:

  • The fee for applying to Queen's University is $105 CDN and is payable at the time of the Stage 2 application.
  • All letters of reference, academic transcripts and other required documents received with your application to Trent, will be forwarded to The School of Graduate Studies at Queen's University at no extra cost to the applicant.

Application Deadlines: 


Trent Program Trent Deadline Queen's Deadline
Ancient History & Classics January 10 February 15
Chemistry February 1 March 1
Computer Science December 10 January 15
Geography January 10 January 31
Physics & Astronomy January 10 February 1
Psychology November 1 December 1