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Experience the world of forensics from crime scene to the lab and beyond...

With its outstanding faculty, access to cutting-edge labs and technology, and true-to-life crime scene house, Trent’s Forensic Science program combines theory and practice to give you the confidence and skills to excel in this fascinating field.

As a student of Trent University’s highly-respected forensic program, you’ll benefit from the advantages of smaller class sizes, close connections with faculty and mentors, and a shared commitment to academic rigour that will enrich your mind and inspire you to make a difference. Casework, teamwork, DNA analysis, understanding legal issues related to evidence, are just some of the real-life skills you will develop.

Outstanding Career Opportunities

With placement experiences like these, our students successfully find stimulating work in careers such as:

  • pathology
  • policing
  • medical research
  • forensic entomology
  • medicine
  • law
  • coroner investigation
  • forensic nursing
  • document analysis
  • computer forensics
  • wildlife forensics
  • forensic chemistry

Alumni Careers

A selection of interviews with past graduates


Getting Involved at Trent University

Trent University is a community you can be proud to be a part of.  You can join one of the many Athletic Clubs offered through the Athletics Department.  You can try out for a Varsity team or check out the Varsity Calendar of events to come out and show your support for your fellow students!

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There are also a number of Student Organizations available throughout the Trent University campus.