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AQ & ABQ Online Courses for Teachers

2017 Fall Registration is Open

Fall Dates: October 6 to December 1

Registration Deadline: October 1


Courses Completely Online - All OCT Teachers Welcome!

  • Accredited by OCT
  • Recognized by QECO & OSSTF

Online Registration

  • Register as a Guest - No login required
  • Simple two step registration - choose your course and pay online
  • Begin Registration

Course Fees

  • $650 Standard Course Fee for AQ and ABQ courses
  • $625 for teachers who have previously completed a Trent AQ/ABQ
  • $625 for Trent Graduates

(Discount will be calculated automatically during online registration)

17 Spring & Summer Re



$450 Ministry Subsidy

If you take a Kindergarten or Math AQ/ABQ course, you may be eligible to apply. Click here for details.


Fall Courses
Special Education Part 1 EDAQ A3221E Online
Special Education Part 2 EDAQ A3222E
Special Education Specialist EDAQ A3223E Online
Reading Part 1 EDAQ A3211E Online
Reading Part 2 EDAQ A3212E Online

Reading Specialist

EDAQ A3213E Online

Teaching English Language Learners Part 1

(formerly known as a English as a Second Language)

EDAQ A4607E Online
French as a Second Language Part 1 EDAQ A3071E Online
Guidance Part 1 EDAQ A4333E Online
Kindergarten Part 1 EDAQ A4525E Online
Math Primary/Junior Part 1 EDAQ A4369E Online
Math Primary/Junior Part 2 EDAQ A4370E Online
Math Primary/Junior Specialist EDAQ A4371E Online

Math Grades 7 & 8 (this is not an ABQ course)

EDAQ A4219E Online

ABQ or AQ Division Courses (qualifies a teacher in additional grades)

ABQ Primary Division EDAQ BC011E Online
ABQ Junior Division EDAQ BC012E Online
ABQ Intermediate Division English EDAQ SA801E Online
ABQ Intermediate Division Health & Physed EDAQ SA803E Online

ABQ Intermediate Division History

EDAQ SA016E Online

ABQ Intermediate Division First Nations, Métis & Inuit Studies (formerly Native Studies)

EDAQ SA829E Online

ABQ Intermediate Division Math

Don't have 2 full year university math courses?

Trent is offering an alternative math test to those teachers who want to take the Intermediate Division Math course, but don't have the prerequisite university math courses.

Email with your OCT# for access to test

  • test is free and online; complete it any time
  • will only be able to take the test one time
  • test is based on grades 9 & 10 math curriculum
  • Trent does not offer a practice test
  • must receive 75% to register for Intermediate Math
  • results received immediately on completion of test
  • if you pass, you can register for any upcoming session
EDAQ SA021E Online


All questions about AQ registration or courses should be directed to:

Trudy Elmhirst

Trent's AQ Office

1-855-698-7368 Ext 7056 (toll free)

705-748-1011 Ext 7056 (local)